We are proud to introduce as part of the Conecsus family at this year’s Aero-Engines Americas show. A division of Conecsus LLC, was created as a purchasing entity for Conecsus Aerospace. takes the burden of scrap recycling and headache off our customers as we collect scrap directly from our customer’s location offering on the spot purchasing, professional repacking, and freight forwarding to our certified destruction facility. Conecsus Aerospace is the global leader of Jet Engine Recycling as well as a Precious Metals refinery. We specialize in recycling and recovering value from commercial and military jet engines while maximizing the value to our customers by disassembling engines and engines parts, separating the high-temperature alloys, and recovering the precious metals. The recycled alloys are then sold as high-temperature metallic scrap and the recovered gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are sold in the precious metal markets. Conecsus Aerospace’s expertise, sophistication, and proprietary treatment process provide reliability for the customer along with the highest return for their material.
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